“Which is a mortar to desire the ability to imagine it as if it’s happening, to experience it as if it’s happening while nothing is happening and everything is happening at the same time.”

-Esther Perel

I could not have said it better myself. The LORD (and anyone within hearing distance) knows just how much I have anticipated this life-long dream of traveling to London and being face to face with a brand new adventure.

These past few months of anticipation has only helped my curiosity and gratitude grow. I thank my University for giving a mere freshman this unique opportunity, my professors for helping me along the way, my parents for supporting me (both in an emotional and financial way), and most importantly, CCSA for making this all possible in the first place.

My curiosity and excitement has grown tenfold. It feels as though just yesterday I was talking to my RA about Harry Potter and now, I sit her at my computer, trying to contain myself (unsuccessfully), with only a week keeping me from my dream, an adventure, and life-long memories just out of reach in the very near future.

See you next time in London!


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