Today’s Hilights

December 30, 2015

Since today was a really (and I mean REALLY) good day, I just thought I would share with you all the wonderful things that happened to Bailey today in London!

  1. “I saw a dog today.”
Yes, I know it looks like a cotton ball from a distance, but those are dogs.
plot twist, they are actually sheep.
2. I ate at Nandos today
It was delicious (basically like a British version of Chic-fil-a)
3. I showed off my crown in front of Victoria
4. Ashely spoke to squirrelsIMG_1511
“They call her ‘Acorn'”
5. I tried to “Peter Pan” near Kensington Palace

But I ended up just looking like this…
6. I took a picture of the London eye with pretty lights
And because we went to the London Eye….
7. …we walked back to the tube station in the most sketchiest way.
And 17,234 steps, 7.45 miles, and 26 flights later, Goodnight London.

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