After my dread-filled morning compiled of shopping and designer clothes, it was a relief to go the BBC headquarters.

Seeing a live newsroom and set at the level that BBC is at with global broadcasting and the incredible amount of people that tune in, I had chills looking down on the many journalists and reporters in the newsroom.

I’m not going to lie, I did picture myself sitting at one of those desks.

Now, I have always looked up to news studios such as BBC, however, as I mentioned being at BBC to my sister, and her knowing nothing about the BBC, I realized that maybe not everyone really knows what I am talking about.

In the simplest terms for my family and anyone else confused already: the BBC is the British version of CNN.

Having never visited or toured a CNN studio, I can’t compare the two in a non-bias way. However, I will say that from the tour and further readings, the BBC has my vote for the most reliable news source.

The BBC is the largest broadcasting network in the world, and they have been around a lot longer than CNN. With so many people watching, and being such a big name, the BBC has to be reliable and trustworthy. However, some might argue that the same terms apply to CNN, however, it was something on our tour that our guide said that really sold me.

“The BBC is more concerned with getting it right than getting it first.”

It might have just been my imagination, but I think she was hinting towards CNN with that remark. She then backed up her statement with examples about how the BBC checks, double-checks, and triple-checks sources to prove their accuracy.

Again, I have never toured a CNN studio, (but oh, how I would love to) but the obvious difference between the two sources are the different global settings. although any major event happening in the world affects everyone and deserves equal attention, the BBC is only naturally more focused on European events and anything in the eastern hemisphere, while CNN is more focused on anything concerning America.

Despite their differences, the CNN and the BBC are healthy competition to keep opposing views and anything happening in the news un-biased for viewers.

Gawking at the newsroom is not the only thing that I did while at the BBC however I probably would have be happily satisfied with just that, we toured studios, looked at a huge sidewalk leading up to the studio that was actually an incredible work of art, we hosted our own broadcast, and even had dinner at a vampire’s mansion (don’t ask).

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll end up back in London on the BBC!


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