“When there’s a smile in your heart, there’s no better time to start” -Peter Pan

What a beautiful way to begin, with a smile from the soul and happiness from the heart.

I could NOT be more excited and pleased to begin my journey – which is sure to be one filled with amazement and joy – with such enthusiasm and “giddyness.” It is as though Peter Pan has taken my hand, and made me a young girl again, because the feeling I have inside is one I have longed to feel again since I was a young girl trying new things for the first time.

This study abroad for two weeks in London with CCSA and Murray State University is sure to be something brand-new. I am eagerly looking forward to stepping outside my comfort zone, and outside the country.

Even though I am technically an adult at the age of 18, this trip is allowing me to adventure back into the youth I so completely enjoy. As Peter Pan once said:

"Keep adventuring and stay not a grown up"

“Keep adventuring and stay not a grown up”